Taxonomy Time

By | January 21, 2019

There is no point in putting stuff on the internet if it is disorganized. I am using a content management system called WordPress. It is open source and it literally powers the intertubes of blogging. Organizing data so that we can find it is tricky, and unlike a book the user cannot tear out pages or fold the corner back.

I am a category user. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the Google apparently is not happy with sites that have a broad collection of topics on them. F*ck the Google. Categories make the most sense for intuitive human use. When I need to make an improv website for generalized artificial intelligence I will eschew categories and welcome our now robot overlords.

While we are at it f*ck SEO as well. There is such a focus on monetization of the internet that use humans lose track of what is human usable in order to roll in the cash. If one were to follow the SEO rules for a web site one again gets a dehumanized site that is organized to please an opaque rule set (aka Google).

Now that my screed against the dehumanized internet is done…

Here is the challenge. Information in WordPress can be organized by Categories, Tags or Pages. I have organized WordPress sites by pages before (, and it is painful. I have decided to go with Categories for Learn Improv. Wish me luck.

Learn more about Categories and Tags at this funny post