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By | April 28, 2019

Translated Opera is a handle added to an open scene. The performers on stage will pause after each line waiting for a translation from the performers offstage. The host must exercise caution in setting up this version of gibberish translation. It is recommended to avoid real languages when using gibberish.


By | April 25, 2019

The Madrigal is a social technological advance based on the Plain Chant of medieval Europe. A Madrigal involves multiple singers and harmonies which at one time were considered unholy by the Christian church. A Madrigal is expected to be sung unaccompanied, which means no musical instruments. However, this is a secular version of the Madrigal accompaniment is not forbidden.

Song-Plain Chant

By | April 25, 2019

Plain Chant is the secular name for unaccompanied song (no instruments) that takes place in Christian churches. In the way back ago times these chants were only to be sung by one male without any instruments being used. Historically musical instruments and polyphony (more than one persona singing) was considered a barrier to experiencing God.