By | January 25, 2019




In the following improv comedy scenes we will vote improvisers off of the stage in the style of the hit reality TV show Survivor (TM)


This is the short form version of the improv structure survivor. For the long form or show form version of survival head elsewhere.

Four or five players are lined up on back wall of the performance space. A series of games are played and after each game one of the players is eliminated from the stage.

The game survivor does not really have time for elements like immunity, exit monologues and tribes. This is just the handle version of the game.

The elimination can carried out in one of several ways. Regardless of what is chosen try to be as efficient as possible.

  • Audience noise for elimination of each player. Brutal.
  • Audience noise for best and host picks one.
  • Players simply point at each other.
  • Players whisper into ear of host.

It is a good idea to have games suitable to the size of the players involved. If you have 5 players a whole stage games like Entrances and Exits would be excellent. 4 players could be puppets. 3 players an open scene or a dubbing game. The end player can end with a monologue.

The group can eliminate the audience’s favourite improviser each turn. This usually requires the monologue at the end to explain this travesty.


  • Job interview – the players are all candidates for a suitable brutal job interview. Re-purpose games as interview methods.
  • Match Maker – players are all potential suitors for the host or an audience volunteer. However the audience still picks the winner.


Many groups simultaneously created improv survivor type games around the height of the TV show in 2000. Improvaholics (many versions in many cities) lay claim to the game. Staircase Improv and VTSL lay claim to the show form.