Superhero Eulogy

By | August 2, 2010




A not so famous superhero has passed away. You are present for the eulogies from those who survived him.


Superhero Eulogy is an endowment handle. Performers are endowed by other performers as the are invited to the casket to speak of the passed away. The host will get name of the previously unknown superhero and introduces the first speaker. While the handle is about making zany endowments on performers it is still a goal to create a story about the dead superhero. Don’t lose track of the narrative. The characters called up to eulogize the superhero can be of any type, other superheroes, super villains, family, dependents, commissioners, mad scientists, sidekicks etc. The endowments can be of any nature as well however the handle is most successful when the endowments help drive a character or assist in the narrative. For example.

  • Host “Here lies the lifeless body of Super Sinus Woman. First up to eulogize this great woman is her sidekick Mini Mucus Man”
  • Mini Mucus Man “sniffle sniffle I am not sad just stuffed up. I never felt I was up to snuff for this great woman …” “May I introduce her arch nemesis The Dehydrator”
  • Dehydrator “We were equals one of the other just winning by a nose…” “Next up is her colleague from the Facial Five, Tissue Tina”
  • and so on and so on.


  • endow superheroes that only speak in mime, or must maintain physically challenging positions


  • Superhero Helper series of superheroes come to help a civilian


  • Information appreciated.