By | March 5, 2019


Distance Exercise.


Please organize into pairs.


Sticks is an exercise with two distinct methodologies. One is a lo fi version that involves no props. The other requires, get ready, sticks.

The lo fi version has two players carry out a scene where they are maintaining a specific distance from each other. The leader should set the exercise up that the players should pick distances that manageable and not touching the other player. Each player secretly decides their own distance from other player. If the two players were to pick the same distance they would hover around each other like a binary star system. If one player has chosen to be arms length away from the player, but the other player has chosen to be 6 feet away they will appear to be chasing each other around the stage.

The movement of the players should be justified within the context of the narrative they create. One player could be trying to keep warm while the other has a cold they do not want to spread. Justifications are the challenge. Narrative is the goal. It is not a game of tag.

The prop version of Sticks has the two players holding a stick between the two of them. They must not drop the stick or change hands. Make sure the stick is safe to be rotated around in a player’s hand. Brooms, rulers, pencils, can be used to keep the players at a fixed distance. The players cannot separate themselves from each other, and nor can they get closer than the stick.

Both of these exercises allow the players to explore space on stage. The leader can also explore the player’s justifications for their actions in the environment. Challenge the players to go through doors or accomplish tasks together.


  • Lo Fi
  • Matchstick


  • Lo Fi – No sticks.
  • Sticks – With Sticks.


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