Stage Directions

By | August 2, 2010




Scripted plays have stage directions that the actors must follow. In this scene each performer will be supplying each other’s stage directions.


Stage Directions is an overlay of an open scene. Each performer will finish their sentence with a stage direction for the other performer to carry out. Initially these stage directions are subtle and appropriate. The stage directions may become more zany as the scene progresses. Regardless of the stage directions that the performers give each other the goal is to maintain a narrative arc and tell a story. There is a distinct pattern that should be followed for the best yield with this handle. One performer will state a line of dialogue. Then the other performer will state a stage direction. This continues until a wonderful narrative is achieved.

  • Performer One “the sun is so warm today”
  • Performer Two “she said putting on her sun hat”
  • Performer Two “that sun hat is a lovely shade of puce”
  • Performer One “she said putting on her own sun hat”
  • Performer One “Oh that sun hat is such a shade of orange.”
  • Performer Two “she said covering eyes from the glare”
  • Performer Two “don’t over react you can be so dramatic”
  • Performer One “she said throwing her orange sun hat on the ground”


  • Elaborately detailed stage directions
  • Counter productive stage directions that do opposite of dialogue
  • Compromising stage directions that betray an emotion


  • None.


  • “he said looking for a source.”