Puking Dinosaur

By | February 8, 2019


Pass the Peep. Exaggeration Circle.


This warm up will help us get the body warmed up and get more comfortable about being silly. Please organize in to a circle.


Ensure that the players have enough space to move their arms freely without clocking their neighbour in the head.

Puking Dinosaur is the same as an exaggeration circle except the players are crossing the circle with their unique gait and sound.

For an explanation of how to explain how to cross a circle check here.

A player will throw strike an subtle yet unconventional pose and create a corresponding sound. In Exaggeration Circle it is important that the initial pose be subtle and the noise quiet. The pose and noise are given as an offer to the player on her right. That player accepts the offer and immediately turns to her right recreating the pose and noise as best as possible. However the next player strikes a pose that slightly grander and bit louder than the one they were given.

This process should result in a noise and shape flying around the circle at that keeps getting louder and bigger. Eventually the gesture and noise will be altered so much that is cannot possibly be exaggerated. At the apex of exaggeration the leader calls stop and new subtle pose is struck.


Start so huge that there is no where to go.


Exaggeration Circle – exaggerate around a circle.