By | August 2, 2010


Environment Build. Camera.


Please collect as a clump of 5-6 players stage left with one player front and center..


The player that is front and center strikes a pose. Players join her one at a time striking complementary poses until a still photograph is created. The leader may suggest a photograph. More advanced players should be encouraged to build a photograph without discussion as an ensemble.

The leader can explore each player’s contribution so everyone can understand the choice they made. It is also fun to have players guess what the other players contributed.


  • gif – the photo has a repetitive motion like an animated gif.
  • gimp – edit the photo, removing players, cropping, or shrinking the image


  • Environment Build
  • Slide Show
  • Family Portrait – Strike a family portrait. Endow the family with an emotion or occupation. Discussion to follow.



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