Pass the Freak

By | February 8, 2019

Deprecated because looking and sounding different does not make one a freak.


Sound Circle. Pass Catch.


This warm up will help us get the body warmed up and get more comfortable about being silly. Please organize in to a circle.


Ensure that the players have enough space to move their arms freely without clocking their neighbour in the head.

A player will throw strike an unconventional pose and create a corresponding sound to go along with the pose. The pose and noise are given as an offer to the player on her right. That player accepts the offer and immediately turns to her right recreating the pose and noise as best as possible.

This process should result in a continuous noise and shape flying around the circle at high speed. Eventually the gesture and noise will be altered intentionally or by accident. Pass the Peep works best when the players try their best to copy the offer given to them. Radically changes make the spectacle less likely to impress.

Pass the Peep is a warm up in silliness and listening. The warm up should help the players accept being silly in front of others. Pass the Peep is like Pass Catch because it forces a player into a physical position and to make a noise they would never consider otherwise. This warm up can be used to help players create the move and sound parts of their characters.


Physically impossible acts or noises.


Once in a while throw the pose and noise across the circle.