By | August 2, 2010


More than can be listed.


At random times during this scene we will turn to the audience for offers about where to take the scene.


Options is a handle where the performers are kept nimble by having to incorporate offers from the audience throughout the scene. The goal of the performers is to continue the narrative arc of the scene. Most offers will be helpful to the narrative, others will be zany and destructive.

The performers start out creating an open scene that includes a narrative arc and lovely characters. The host will turn to the audience and ask for new directions to the scene. It is up to the host to maintain some level of composure with the offers.

Options has no particular mechanism for inserting the offers from the audience. When the host senses an opening they turn to the audience an get a snap offer. These ask fors should be simple and should minimally disrupt the flow of the scene. Ask fors like “what does Leslie find in the fridge?” or “the walnut has an unusual effect on Leslie” would work well. Complicated ask fors like “tell me about your day” are discouraged. The performers seemlessly accept the offer without clarification and continue on with the scene.

There are an infinite number of ways to insert the offers into the scene. The most famous ones are listed below. Options is a handle that helps get the audience on board with a flurry of suggestions and removes any illusion that the show is audiene directed.


  • Pretty gimmicky already.


  • Shopping List – Performers are shopping for a list of zany stuff.
  • Roller Coaster – Performers are subject a variety of themes.
  • Pillars – On stage audience vollies are tapped for offers. Literally.
  • Um Err – Performers signal audience directly for offers.
  • Endowment Freeze – Host freezes the scene and inserts anything.
  • Paper Chase – Offers are written on paper and strewn about the stage
  • Hat– Offers are stored in a hat.
  • Bucket – Offers are stored in a bucket.
  • Pocket – Offers are stored in a pocket.


  • None