Less Work Less Success

By | March 19, 2023

The endless challenge of keeping the random selector working is, well, endless. Works well for a while then doesn’t work for a while. The plugin is up to date, but the theme is a bit dated. Keeping in line with my minimal work strategy I will try a few themes. I realize that WP no longer works as a website tool. It is full of endless nagging ads and more and more FOSS develops have been driven off the platform. The only option is to move to a static site with some JS for randomness. This requires work and will have to wait a while.

This site does cost money. I did have a donation page through Shopliftify for a few years it was actually losing money and required constant work. 😉 Google Adverse requires a shitload of data theft, delayed payments and stupid klepto ads. I will try Ko-Fi for a few years, and see how that goes.

Comments are permanently disabled. I don’t have the time to engage and the vast majority are spam in languages I cannot understand. Too much work.