By | August 2, 2010


Foot soldiers. Follow Your Nose.


This warm-up will get us feeling silly and get the blood moving. Everyone start milling around.


While the players are milling around someone will suggest a body part to lead with. For example if a player yells left foot, all the other players will move with their left foot out front. Continue on with various body parts like: knee, bum, right ear. End the exercise when players start calling out internal organs.

The goal of this warm up is to get players moving in a manner that they would not usually move. Like

With little extension this warm up can become an exercise to explore character creation. In the exercise version of this structure the leader can encourage the players to add noises and goals to the new movement. Leading allows the players to fill out the holy trinity of the character (move, sound and thought) from just changing how they move. The players can also be challenged to return to a previous character when the same body part is called out.


  • Lead with an internal organ – spleen.
  • Lead with an existential entity – your ego or your Id.