Historical Scene

By | August 2, 2010




This scene involves the retelling of a historical event.


A historical scene should be considered a formatted story with certain narrative elements that should be covered. The host should recap a version of the historical event so that the audience and performers

Since the narrative arc is already given in a Historical Scene the comedy usually comes from exploration and expansion of the concepts behind the historical event. While it is important to not miss too many crucial elements of history the performers should not slavishly adhere to the narrative. Consider the historical event something that informs the narrative but does not own the narrative. The performers can add new characters, or explorations to the historical story.

History can be a challenging subject in many situations. Some countries take their past very history, and human history is not without it’s horrors. The host should be sensitive to historical stories that are harmful and exercise compassion when getting the offer from the audience.


  • Completely mangle the narrative.


  • No Recap – Performers must recreate the historical event to the best of their historical knowledge.
  • Modernized – update an ancient event to a modern version
  • Cole’s Notes – tell story in a limited time


  • No historical references available.