French Braid

By | January 28, 2019




In this long form set you will enjoy a series of scenes punctuated by the entrance of off stage players. The scenes will then be repeated in the order they appeared as if time has passed.


The French Braid is a long form structure that may start with, or without, a offer. The initial scene is started by any number of players. When the scene hits a beat a player will join in from off stage signaling an entirely new scene. How the wipe is handled and whether some characters remain on stage is left to the art of long form. Once every player from offstage has started a new scene the next scene will be one that started the set.

The French Braid may or may not involve the cross over of information and time does pass in scenes as each new series of scenes starts. How does this end? In the spirit of the hair design French Braid it goes on as long as there is hair to weave.





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