Double Opener

By | March 21, 2019


Banana Banana.


Please form two lines.


This is an extreme listening exercise. The two players are expected to speak and the same time and literally talk over each other. While talking over is a habit to be avoided in improv comedy it is encouraged in this exercise. The simplest form Double Opening the two players will simultaneously yell out nouns at each other. It is very challenging to hear what the other player has said.

The players should go with what they think they heard best. For example, one player may say “chicken stew” while the other player simultaneously said “dog pocket.” The two players will then combine the two offers into a sentence. This time the players do not over talk each other. The first player may create a sentence like “My dog hides chicken stew in her pocket.” As soon as possible the second player could say “My chick pocket is full of dog stew.” Yuck. Those to player go to the back of their lines and the next two players repeat the process.

Double Opening helps with the improv goals of listening and commitment. The leader should encourage good pacing with this exercise. It is better to be wrong and determined than pausing and trying to be funny. Take the risk. Listen hard and let the funny happen by accident.

With more advanced players the leader could get them to start a scent based on one of the two sentences.


  • Have the players do sentences instead of nouns.


  •  Banana Banana – Players run around yelling banana until they are asked for their nouns.