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Please organize into clumps of 5 or 6 for an exercise.


Each clump of players is endowed with the name of a alien species from beyond the solar system. Each player makes up a component of the alien. The first player will mime a repetitive action and possibly add a noise as well. The next player in will mime a repetitive action that complements the previous one. This continues until all the players have created a never before seen alien species.

The leader can add complications by having the alien demonstrate how it ambulates, drinks a soda, or makes a very long distance phone call. Another alien can be created from a different clump of players and the two aliens can be encouraged to interact with each other. How do these creatures greet each other? How do they hug? How do they display emotion?

The exercise Aliens is an opportunity to have players work together, to have fun and communicate with methods other than words. The leader should encourage the players to create their alien body part independently yet complementary to the machine.




  • Machines.
  • Objects



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