By | March 2, 2019


Obstacle Course.


Please arrange the room with two volunteers at each end of the room and all the other players milling about between them.


One volunteer is designated air traffic controller and the other is designated the airplane. The airplane is instructed to close her eyes. The players milling about now become the terrain between the air traffic controller and the airplane. The terrain should be passable. Players can clump together to make terrain that make require the plane to crawl under. The air traffic controller guides the slowly moving airplane (player with her eyes closed) by giving verbal commands. An improvised radio voice is a nice touch. The goal is to have the air traffic controller guide the airplane to the safe landing strip beside the conning tower. If the airplane contacts any of the terrain the flight is over. When a flight is over the terrain becomes the plane and the terrain resets.


  • No players at all being obstacles.
  • Players create an impassable wall.


  • None