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By | August 15, 2010

Listening takes place on four levels in improvisational comedy. Scenically players have to be listening to the physical environment. If they are not listening to the mime, they walk through walls and tables. Listening to the words are crucial, the humour of ‘mishearing’ things only goes so far. The players must also listen to the… Read More »


By | August 15, 2010

Accepting has a very special term in improvisational theatre. Accepting is predicated by listening, and means that one character has incorporated what another character has created on stage. The most common reason that characters fail to accept is because the actor portraying them is not listening. If a character does not accept that a mimed… Read More »


By | August 15, 2010

Most scenes need to some to an end. Even a conversational character based environmentless babble fest will need to have a resolution. Killing the scene with lights is one way, but the audience will be much happier when scenes end organically by themselves. Characters may fall back in love, evil will be destroyed, or the… Read More »