By | August 2, 2010


Screamers, Haunted House.


This warm up builds trust amongst players. We need safety players on each wall. Everyone else start slowly milling around the room.


The players on the outside are spotters. Ideally there will be more than four spotters. Remember safety first. Before starting fully explain this warm up to the players. Make it clear that they will feel vulnerable with their eyes closed and they will be unexpectedly touched with out explicit consent. The leader must ensure that players feel safe to not participate. No player needs to explain why they choose not to participate in Vampire (or anything else for that matter).

Instruct the players milling about to close their eyes and continue slowly milling around. It is important to emphasize to move slowly. Advise them that they will be touched in one of three ways. First they will be slowly bumping into each other. They all should be moving slowing enough that this will be safe. The next most likely touch they will receive will be from the spotters on stationed outside the players milling around. This touch will involve the spotters gently redirecting players back into the center of the room by touching their shoulders. The last touch is the most dramatic. If the another player grabs your wrist you have been tapped by the vampire. You will let out an overly dramatic scream.

The leader will select one player to be a vampire. The vampire is milling around with all the other players. However when the vampire nudges into another player she will grab her wrist indicating that the vampire has found some prey. As described above the player who get’s her wrist grabbed will scream, open her eyes and move to being a spotter. The warm up continues until the vampire has eaten every other player.

  • The spotters can make spooky noises as the vampire gets close
  • don’t pick a vampire and let them wander for hours.


Zombie Walk – Instead of the confidant being a vampire she is a zombie.


Transylvanian Secretariat of Hematophagic Stereotyping