Touch To Talk

By | August 2, 2010




Performers in this scene may only speak if they are touching each other. .


Touch to Talk is a handle that overlays an open scene. The performers are not allowed to speak any dialogue unless they are touching each other. They can shake hands and be able to talk, they can hug and be able to talk, they can play footsies and be able to talk. If they are not touching they cannot create any dialogue. Not creating dialogue is not the same as no scene. The performers can work mime objects, look intently at each other, communicate with facial expressions. The narrative need not stop when the dialogue stops.

The handle is strongest when the performers have real reasons to touch. Mouthing or miming words to each other when not talking defeats the purpose of the handle. Consider it a silent scene with occasional dialogue when the performers touch.

Since this handle involves intentional physical contact only performers or players that are familiar with each other should do this handle. If strangers are to play Touch to Talk make sure that all players know that they will be touched unexpectedly without their consent. A reminder of safe touching is recommended before embarking on this scene. 


  • Poking in synch with angry words.
  • Being averse to touch and running away


  • Touch to Shut Up – Performers must continuously talk unless they are touching, and then they must be silent.


  • Information appreciated.