Sound Effects

By | March 12, 2019


Soundscape. Foley.


In this scene the audience is needed to create the sound effects as the scene happens. 


Sounds Effects is an audience participation handle that is overlaid on an open scene. The performers are required to complete all the narrative beats of an open scene. The only difference is that they will afford a bit of extra time with their mime objects and environment work so that the audience has a chance to insert some sound effects.

It is  important for the host to give an example of how the process works. Maybe the host could mime slowly opening a door encouraging the audience to supply a squeaky door sound effect.

This is simply an open scene with the audience supplying sound effect material (aka Foley) for opening doors, breaking glass, gun shots, toilet flushes etc. If the audience starts to play with the performers they must immediately accept the offer and work it into their scene. For example, a group of audience members may use a cat mewing sound effect for an opening door. This is guaranteed to happen.


  • Comment on how quiet things are to the audience.
  • Get the audience to make an echo.


  • None.