Random Warm Up

Give me another one.

  • Malapropism


    Word Game, Disassociation.


    This warm-up will help us get out of heads, and into the moment for improvisation. Start milling about the room.


    As the players are milling about they are to point at objects in the room and call out what the object is not. If they point at a light they may call out “fish”, or “wallet”. The goal is to call out loud and clear like that is what the object is. Watch for people that saying the same thing over and over again. It works better if people free associate with each new object that they point at. The exercise continues until boredom sets in.



    Endow the players with accents, emotions or gibberish.



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2 thoughts on “Random Warm Up

  1. Naomi Gordon

    I am interested in trying out improv. I think this website is a great place to start.


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