Park Bench

By | February 23, 2019




This is a character exercise. We please create a two seat park bench on stage.


Park Bench is a classic character exercise. The first player will assume a move, sound and want. She will approach the park bench and sit quietly maintaining character. The next player will create a character and approach the park bench sitting beside the first character. There will be a brief interaction and the first character will find a reason to leave the park bench. This will leave the second player alone until the third player with a new character approaches. And so on and so on.

Park Bench allows for a brief interaction between the two characters. If a complementary character has been chosen there should be enough content to have a brief conversation. Encourage the player to have their character leave the park bench for a reason that came from the characters or conversation. Encourage the players to keep the conversations civil. It is not the job of the new character to drive away the preceding character.

Park Bench can make for teaching points about expand versus explode. Gradually building a conversation by expansion as opposed to an explosion that leads to a more believable conversation.


  • None.


  • Help Desk
  • Hunting the Whatsit – The photographer is a hunter. Kills, eats and becomes the character.