By | February 7, 2019


Greetings. Lost Friend.


This exercise will help explore characters and relationships. Everyone start to mill about the room.


The players mill about the room. At some point the workshop leader asks them all the greet each other good face to face “hello.” Initially the greeting is kept simple and neutral. Greet one player and move on, greet another and so on. After the salutation is completed the group can return to milling about the room.

The leader can endow the greetings with characters, relationships, vocal types, goals, history, emotions, or occupations. The hellos then become imbued with the endowment. The salutations remain brief and the group returns back to milling about in between

Examples include: anger, fear, love, long lost friend, ex-lovers, debtors, smelly, tipsy, a Scottish Chieftain, plumbers, in zero gravity, a cold cold day, etc. Have fun with it.

This warm up can quickly drift into an exercise that covers characters and relationships. If using Hello as a warm up keep the salutations short and silly. Use Hello as a warm up for breaking the ice. Reminding the players that it is safe to be silly.

When employing as an exercise the salutations are explored a bit longer. Encourage the players to have longer interactions. Keep the content within the realm of the salutation. inquire with players how they chose to move, and sound with the character.