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In this scene players will be expected to switch back and forth between gibberish and our local language.


Gibberish is a both a skill and an exercise. Please see Gibberish. Gibberish is not mocking a language and infusing cultural stereotypes for laughs that punch down. To avoid this clear direction must be given to players when using gibberish.

Gibberish Switch is both an exercise and a handle. This explanation focuses on Gibberish Switch as an handle.

In Gibberish Switch players are tasked with seamlessly switching back and forth between their native language and gibberish. The players are encouraged to avoid a pause when making the switch in either direction. The switching back and forth can be used in an open scene, a paired conversation, or in a group conversation. The leader can have both players switch simultaneously or task one player at time with the switch. This has the added complication of one player speaking in gibberish and the other in their native tongue.

Gibberish Switch can be player competitively. Variations are die and game show buzzer. Elements of this are discussed in Conducted Story.


  • Amoeba, tree, and worm gibberish.
  • Leaving one player in gibberish
  • Having two different gibberish languages to switch from



Gnrble Blzzrk.