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Let’s practice sounding different please organize into pairs.


Gibberish is a both a skill and an exercise. Please see Gibberish. Gibberish is not mocking a language and infusing cultural stereotypes for laughs that punch down. To avoid this clear direction must be given to players when using gibberish.

Gibberish Switch is both an exercise and a handle. This explanation focuses on Gibberish Switch as an exercise.

In Gibberish Switch players are tasked with seamlessly switching back and forth between their native language and gibberish. The players are encouraged to avoid a pause when making the switch in either direction. The switching back and forth can be used in an open scene, a paired conversation, or in a group conversation. The leader can have both players switch simultaneously or task one player at time with the switch. This has the added complication of one player speaking in gibberish and the other in their native tongue.

Gibberish Switch is a good listening exercise. It challenges players to listen for an external signal and respond with commitment. If players are having trouble switching they can be given a warning before the switch. As players develop experience they can be challenged with subtler and subtler signals to switch from gibberish back to their native language.

Gibberish is a powerful tool for helping players get past saying funny things and into saying things funny. There is nuance to this pithy aphorism. Saying things funny allows comedy to happen by accident. Saying funny things are jokes, puns, and gags that often damage a scene. Many players (this writer included) are prone to gags, puns, and jokes in scenes. If a player can’t stop doing gags switching over to gibberish is helpful.

Communicating in gibberish requires the player to convey emotion, facial expression and mime objects to express themselves. Gibberish is an exercise that can assist players to see the benefit of subtext in their regular scene language.


  • Amoeba, tree, and worm gibberish.
  • Leaving one player in gibberish


  • Gibberish Hello
  • Poet’s Corner
  • Translated Opera
  • Gibberish Switch the handle.


Gnrble Blzzrk.