Freeze-For All

By | April 23, 2019


Clap. Switch. Freeze Tag.


Two performers will start a scene and at anytime another performer can yell “freeze” and replace one of the performers in the scene by assuming their frozen pose.


Freeze is the single most famous structure in improv comedy. Freeze takes an ancient playground game and turns it into improv comedy theatre gold. If you are not familiar with Freeze Tag as a handle it is recommended to check out the exercise Freeze Tag.

If you need this one explained you have never seen or done improv (welcome of course!). When a freeze is called all performers in the scene must immediately freeze in whatever position they find themselves in. The audience is watching. When performers “play on” after the freeze a big of the magic is rubbed away. The best yield in this handle is for the performer to quickly move on stage and immediately copy one of the frozen performers. The performer that was copied leaves the stage. The more exact the copy of the pose is the more fun will be had.

In Freeze For All any number of performers can jump up on stage and replace on stage players. A typical freeze structure only replaces one performer at a time. In a Freeze For All every improviser on stage can be replaced at once. Chaos squared.


  • Freezing a performer in a challenging physical pose and leaving them there.


  • Audience Freeze – Audience calls the Freeze.
  • Space Jump – Specialized Freeze structure where performer are not replaced but increase in number.
  • Freeze For All – When freeze is called any number of performers can jump on stage replacing any number of performers.
  • Endowment Freeze – Each freeze is endowed with a location, emotion or genre. May actually be easier than standard Freeze Tag for some.
  • Eyes Closed Freeze – The off stage performers closes their eyes to they have no information about the pose.


  • None.