Fish Story

By | March 21, 2019


Big Fish Small Fish.


Please form a circle and prepare to go fish.


In this warm up the players will make a comment on a fish size and hold their hands out in front of them like they are holding a fish. The fist player will turn to the next player in the circle and say “big fish” holding their hands apart like they are demonstrating the size of a big catch. That player accepts the fish by miming their hands the same distance apart. That player turns and says “small fish” to the next player holding theirs a distance apart to indicate a small fish. That player accepts the small fish, turns to the next player and says “big fish.

If a player were to accept a big fish and turn to give a big fish to next player this is a Fish Story (aka a fib). All the players in the circle call out “fish story.” That player must look to the center and cast their fishing line out to another player and that player starts the circle again. If a player were to call out “big fish” and mime a small fish that would warrant the circle to call out “fish story.” If the player makes a hand spacing that is grossly different from the first big fish or fist small fish dimensions, then the circle should call out “fish story.”

Initially this exercise will sound like “big fish, small fish, big fish, small fish…” The leader can add complications to get the circle to call out Fish Story more often. The leader can add in “really big fish” with wider hand spacing. The leader can add in “really small fish” with even closer hand spacing. The leader can Where ever the leader adds in the additional fish sizes creates the cycle. It could sound like this “big fish, really big fish, small fish, big fish, really big fish, small fish…” If a player makes an error the circle calls out “fish story,” and that player casts across the circle.

Complications can continue. The leader can call ask the players to reverse the size of the fish. So “big fish” becomes a small fish sizing, and “little fish” becomes big fish sizing. If a player messes this up then “Fish Story!”

If they are getting bored other sea life can be added in. “Squid” is accompanied by wiggly hands trying to hold a struggling squid. “Whale” requires all the players to run into the circle to help hold up a whale. Keep the same sequence, increase the complications until they are failing with grace and laughter. f


  • Insert a crazy sea creature that the players must create hand signals for.


  • Competitive – Players that fib about their fish size are out of the circle.