Fairy Tale-Modern

By | April 22, 2019


Modern Fairy Tale. Bed Time Story.


The performers will retell a well-known fairy tale in a modern style.


Modern Fairy Tale is a handle that has it’s narrative built in. The host should make sure that the performers are at least a bit familiar with the fairy tale. Not know the story and messing it up is part of the fun, but if none of the performer know the fairy tale disaster is more likely. The host then modernizes the fairy tale with and offer collected from the audience. The modernization of the fairy tale could be a genre (science fiction, horror, western, film noire), a different era (1960s, prehistoric, Grecian or Roman Times), or a new political twist (neo liberalism, evangelical, Jungian), or a textile (plaid, leather, polyester). It is recommended that the host keep to typical film genres for newer performers.


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