Emotional Transfer

By | April 5, 2019


Emotional Switch.


Two players on stage for an open scene.


Emotional Transfer is both a handle and an exercise. The structure discussed here is the exercise. The leader should endow the players with two distinct emotions.

For example one player may be endowed with the emotion of love and the other performer with the emotion anger. The scene will start with these two contrasting emotional states. One character is full of love and the other character is full of anger. As the narrative moves along the players will slowly transition from one emotion to the other. The character full of love will become a character full of anger and vice versa. The transition works best when it is gradual and based on elements from the narrative being explored. Learn Improv uses the narrative tool STEPS.

This exercise is excellent for working with characters and emotions. Players must understand an emotion before they can use it properly in an Emotional Transfer. The players must also exhibit keen listening to the narrative and character wants to justify the transfer of the emotions.


  • None.


  • Status Transfer – players exchange the status of their characters.


  • None.