Leaving the Couch

By | August 2, 2010




This exercise focuses on non-verbal listening and getting in synch. Let’s get four players sitting on a couch.


Once the players are sitting on the couch one of them begins a repetitive activity. Encourage the players to contribute subtle motions combined with a quiet noise. Other players will mimic the activity and contribute their own repetitive actions to the group. The players create a fidgeting chorus line between themselves.

Once the players are synchronized they can start to make the motions and noises more and more dramatic. Eventually the seated chorus line make such large actions that all four players simultaneously get up off the couch. Hence the name Leaving the Couch.

The leader should encourage players to work together in a shared synergism. Discourage players from following the actions of a single player. If the players are not in synch when they leave the couch it is fair for the leader to have them all plop back down.

Leaving the Couch is fun and silly. The exercise also works on players moving together, listening and getting their ensemble on.


  • Lots of players on the bench.


  • Leaving the Plane – A group of sky divers or base jumpers. Usually done standing together.