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Park Bench

By | February 23, 2019

Park Bench is a classic character exercise. The first player will assume a move, sound and want. She will approach the park bench and sit quietly maintaining character. The next player will create a character and approach the park bench sitting beside the first character. There will be a brief interaction and the first character will find a reason to leave the park bench. This will leave the second player alone until the third player with a new character approaches. And so on and so on.


By | February 23, 2019

In Gibberish Switch players are tasked with seamlessly switching back and forth between their native language and gibberish. The players are encouraged to avoid a pause when making the switch in either direction. The switching back and forth can be used in an open scene, a paired conversation, or in a group conversation. The leader can have both players switch simultaneously or task one player at time with the switch. This has the added complication of one player speaking in gibberish and the other in their native tongue.

Alliteration Prop

By | February 13, 2019

The leader introduces a prop into the circle. It is recommended that the prop be both safe to toss and indestructible. Most commonly used is a tennis ball. The player holding the prop is assigned a letter from the alphabet. The player passes the prop to her left and immediately starts to say as many words that start with the assigned letter. For example if the player was assigned the letter P she it would sound something like: pebble, poppy, pulse, pregnant, purple.