By | August 2, 2010


Punny Business.


In this scene each performer will be assign a broad category. They must incorporate an example from this category every sentence they make.


Categories is both an exercise and handle. This is the performance version of the structure and it is overlaid on an open scene.

Each performer is assigned a broad category to reference. The categories must be broad. For example, cars, toys, cutlery, food, etc. Each sentence spoken by the performer must reference their assigned category. So a performer endowed with the category cars may make offers like:

  • “Hi my name is Chevy.”
  • “I can’t aFORD that price for a sandwich.”
  • “We need to shift gears.”

As fun as Categories is the performers are also expected to pull off an open scene. The challenge is that the performers are expected to hit all the narrative beats of an open scene. The performers do not simply stand around making puns. They must create a setting, ties, exploration etc.


  • This is already a gimmick.


  • Competitive – performers can be eliminated if the audience feels they did not hit their category in a sentence.