Big Booty

By | February 11, 2019

Deprecated. Just search big booty on the intertubes. Nuff Said


The Prisoner. Famous deprecated name.


Everyone get in a circle for a complicated competitive warm up.


Big Brother is complicated. As in all competitive structures Big Brother is about failing with grace and laughter.

One player in the circle is assigned the title Big Brother. The player to her left is assigned the Number One, the player to her left is Number Two. This continues around the circle until every player has been assigned a number and one is assigned Big Brother. This is the easy part.

A rhythm is begun and it is worth practising a bit. The rhythm is a four beat to the tune of Big Brother Big Brother. Followed by Big Brother some number. They player with that number must follow with Big Brother another number. This continues until a player makes an error. Everyone calls out a supportive Oh Yeah, and that player heads to the right of Big Brother and assumes the largest number in the circle. This could mean that many of the players change their numbers. This makes the Big Brother Number something more difficult.

A painful example follows.

In a circle of 8 players there is Big Brother, to her left Number One, then Number Two all the way up to Number Seven to the immediate right of Big Brother.

Everyone starts the four beat with Big Brother Big Brother. Then Big Brother calls out “Big Brother number 4”, Number Four calls out “Big Brother number 3”, Number Three calls out “Big Brother number 6”, Big Brother Number Six calls out “Big Brother number 2”.

However Big Brother Number Two was thinking about Fairy Cakes and does not notice her number being called out. Everyone else in the circle notices and calls out Oh Yeah! Number Two is directed to the right of Big Brother and becomes Big Brother Number Seven. Big Brother Number Seven becomes Big Brother Number Six, Big Brother Number Six becomes Big Brother Number Five and so on. Once Big Brother and Big Brother Number One keep their titles.

Immediately after the Oh Yeah. Big Brother Big Brother starts again.

If you need to have a goal you can try and become Big Brother. Players can call out Big Brother Big Brother instead of Big Brother Number Four. If Big Brother slips up she becomes Big Brother Number Seven (in this example) and Big Brother Number One becomes Big Brother.


The goal is to have fun. Warm up paying attention and learn to fail with grace and laughter while being supported by the other players.


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