Alien, Tiger, Cow Elimination

By | January 30, 2019


Rock, Paper, Scissors


This is silly competitive game. Everyone into a circle.


There are three characters that the players can be. The first character is the alien. The alien is created by making antennae with your fingers and leaning into the circle making the classic alien “zeep zeep zeep” noise. The second character is the tiger. The tiger is created by turning your hands into ferocious claws, leaning into the circle and roaring. The third character is the cow. The cow is created by turning your hand into a wiggly udder, leaning into the circle and mooing.

Everyone in the circle starts a three count. On the count of three everyone commits to one of the character types alien, tiger, or cow. The character is held for two beats. Everyone returns to neutral and the three count. As the group falls into sync they will develop a distinctive rhythm of 1-2-3 cacophonous blast, 1-2-3 cacophonous blast.

This is the competitive version of this structure. Majority rules or Head to Head are discussed under variations.

Increase the number of options i.e., fridge, t-Rex, car, elephant.


  • Majority Rules – Competitive version where the minority character chosen is out. I.e., if there are six tigers, four cows and two aliens the two players that chose aliens are out of the circle.
  • Head to Head – Tiger eats cow, cow scares alien, alien turns tiger into a kitty. This is probably where rock paper scissors came from.


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